Audition Online

Free online multiplayer game focused on rhythm and dancing


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  • Category Multiplayer
  • License Free
  • Size 1.39 GB
  • Works under Windows Vista / Windows XP / Windows 2000
  • Language English
  • Program by Alaplaya

Audition Online is a dancing game for Windows PC.

Audition Online takes the player into the world of competitive dancing. Players must learn to dance in various styles against the computer or against other players online. It is a socially oriented game which encourages players to interact and compare notes. Chat is enabled for the game, and there is an instant message client available.

Audition Online requires just the arrow keys and space bar. Some moves can be extremely tricky; however, the graphics are fun, and the dancing environments are colourful. This is no high-quality 3D graphics environment; however, it isn't much different from graphics associated with other social simulation games. Real dance moves can be learned and copied from the virtual dance floor.

Audition online is competitive as well as informative. Players dance characters can be accessorized and outfitted in a variety of ways. The more players who like your moves, the higher your score. Also included with the game is a Scooby-Doo dancer (the cartoon dog) which can be activated to show off the Scooby Shuffle among other four-footed dance moves.

Audition Online is known by different titles depending on the area of the world it is played. In Japan, for instance, it is called X-BEAT and in Indonesia, AyoDance. It was designed by T3 Entertainment. It was first released in South Korea back in 2004 and two more in the series have since been released.

Virtual items are available for purchase online, things such as shoes and clothing for the player's virtual dance character.

Main playing features allow players to create or join rooms. The creator of the room is given DJ power and can choose the songs as well as the room settings. People can be kicked from the room and the dance floor closed off by the DJ, much like an online forum moderator, although permanent banning is not allowed.

Songs are rated by speed and beats per minute. Generally, the more speed and beats, the more difficult the dance challenge. Finish moves garner the most points and can be competition winners. Single play modes are available in addition to the multiplayer modes, and there is even an option to create a 'family' dance floor which comprises of five couples dancing in competition.


  • Colorful design
  • Good soundtrack
  • Social component


  • Not the most up to date graphics
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